Pump for outdoor wood boiler installation. This is a medium to large sized pump with a standard flange system. Generic in brand, it is cheaper than most name brand competitors (see our Grundfos pumps) but is still durable. It is rated at a max flow of 20 gallons per minute and has a three speed setting as follows:

  • Low Speed - 7 to 11 gallons per minute
  • Medium Speed - 11 to 14 gallons per minute
  • High Speed - 14 to 20 gallons per minute

It has a max head range of up to 22 feet.

Comes wired with a cord and a plugin end.

We recommend this pump for pumping distances up to 50' or if your boiler water is flowing through only one heat exchanger. For example, if you are heating both your domestic hot water and you have a heat exchanger connected to your forced air furnace, you should use a larger pump.

Please contact us with any pump sizing questions.

Outdoor Boiler Pump: BP 15-6SFC


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