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HeatMaster G-Series vs. Portage & Main Boilers

January 16, 2017

Product Comparison

1. Efficiency

HeatMaster G-Series boilers tested 10% more efficient than Portage & Main in EPA Phase II certification testing!  That means for every 10 pieces of wood you burn in a P & M boiler, you will only burn 9 in a HeatMaster.






2. Longevity

HeatMaster outdoor wood boilers are made of corrosion resistant 409 stainless steel while P&M boilers use mild steel.

HeatMaster products only have vertical heat exchange tubes while Portage & Main boilers have horizontal heat exchange tubes which can accumulate moisture along the bottom causing corrosion, especially in mild steel units.

More on stainless steel in outdoor wood furnaces.


3. Maintenance

HeatMaster products require no brushing flues, scraping creosote, etc. while P& M boilers require much more maintenance.









4. Warranty

HeatMaster SS products carry their industry famous limited lifetime warranty. See graph below to see how it compares to what Portage and Main has to offer. More on the Heatmaster SS warranty.

  • Efficiency

  • Longevity

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance

  • Warranty

Bottom Line? HeatMaster products offer more bang for your buck!

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