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Outdoor Wood Boiler Fire Box Door Gasket Kits

silicone outdoor wood boiler door gasket

We sell fire box door gasket kits for all HeatMaster outdoor wood furnaces. This includes the braided nylon gasket material and a tube of high temperature silicone for fastening it in place. This product can also work with many other brands of outdoor boilers. Order online in our Web Store

How to Change a Door Gasket on a HeatMaster Outdoor Wood Boiler

1. Remove the old door gasket rope. Locate where the ends come together and use a screw driver or a pliers to pull one end out. Then pull the rope out of the groove.

2. Next use a screw driver or flat tool to scrape out the creosote and any old silicone remaining in the groove.

3.Using a calk gun, place a bead of high temperature silicone in the gap to glue in the firerope gasket material.

4. Place the door gasket material in the gap. Press it into the silicone taking care not to stretch the gasket material as this could cause air leakage.

This gasket can also work on many other brands of outdoor boilers. Outdoor wood furnace brands include Central Boiler, Heatmor, Crown Royal, Taylor, and Portage and Main.

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