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Pumps For Your Outdoor Wood Boiler

February 13, 2017


   At Pineview Woodstoves we carry three pump sizes, usually having a few of each on hand. We usually carry Grundfos brand. Additionally we can order almost any brand if you have a preference. Prices vary by size. Please contact us for additional details. We ship anywhere.


How to Replace a Pump On Your Outdoor Wood Boiler


Please check out this informative video on how to change/replace the pump for your outdoor wood boiler. 

 Changing the pump on your outdoor wood boiler is relatively simple. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Disconnect the power. This can typically be accomplished by turning off a switch in the control panel or by shutting off the breaker supplying power to the outdoor wood boiler. If the pump is wired with a plug-in, you can just unplug it from the electrical outlet in the back of the furnace.

2. Close the valves to shut down the water supply to the pump. There is typically a valve above and below the pump. If there is not a valve below the pump, look for a valve on the return line and shut that off.

3. Unbolt the Pump. Using two wrenches, unbolt the pump from the flanges. Take care to keep track of the hardware, bolts, nuts, etc. as you may need them for installing the new pump. You may also need to save the gaskets for the new pump. A little water may come from inside the pump. This is normal.

4. Remove the electrical cover from your old outdoor wood furnace pump using a screw driver and loosen the wires from the pump. Make sure you keep track of where they were so you can do it the same in the new pump.

5. Remove the cover on the new pump and attach the wires to the corresponding posts. We recommend using a steel wire clamp for the hole in the edge through which the wire comes in. This can likely be moved from the old pump to the new one. 

6. Bolt the new pump in place how the old one was, taking care that the arrow indicating which way the water flows is pointing the correct direction, typically down. Tighten the bolts evenly, a few turns on each until it is snug all around. Do not over-do it; the flanges can break with excessive pressure.

7. Open the valves. The valve above the pump should be opened first, allowing the pump to fill with water and the air bubbles to escape upward. Then open the return valve.

8. Plug it in. You can see if the pump is circulating by cracking the valve partially closed. If the water is circulating, you can hear a hissing sound.



   Grundfos outdoor wood boiler pumps come with a 2-year warranty.



Pineview Woodstoves is your one stop, outdoor furnace parts shop. Contact Us for more information.


Outdoor wood furnace pumps are interchangable for the most part, meaning they can be used on any brand including Central Boiler, Crown Royal, Portage and Main, Taylor and Heatmor.

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