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Outdoor Wood Furnace Brands

So you decided to get an outdoor boiler and you went to the internet to do your research, as you should, and what you found was an immense amount of data on a huge number of brands some of which are big, some little, a few that are no longer in business, some with support in your area and some that basically just sell factory direct. In this post I want to touch briefly on each brand of outdoor wood boiler we know of and what they do. Not in any particular order.

1. Central Boiler

    The biggest manufacturer in the industry, Central Boiler operates out of Greenbush, Minnesota. They sell three lines of outdoor wood furnaces, a line of coal boilers and a line of pellet stoves. Their Classic Edge and E-Classic boilers are EPA Certified.

2. HeatMaster SS

   HeatMaster is the brand we sell and is one of the industry leaders. They sell three lines of outdoor wood boilers, a line of outdoor coal fired boilers, and a lineup of commercial biomass boilers. Their G-Series and GS-Series boilers are EPA Certified and they operate out of Winkler, Manitoba, known for its harsh winters.

3. Taylor

   One of the oldest names in the industry, Taylor has been in the industry for around 75 years. They have not developed an EPA certified outdoor boiler and have been focusing on other products since the EPA regulations on outdoor wood furnaces took affect.

4. Hawken Energy

   Hawken Energy was an outdoor boiler manufacturer operating out of Michigan until 2016 when they filed for bankruptcy. Support for Hawken owners is still available via hawkensupport.com.

5. Portage and Maine


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