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outdoor wood boiler in minnesota

Minnesota is home to an abundent supply of fire wood making outdoor wood boilers a great way to heat your home. Whether you're looking to heat a house, garage, pool, hot tub or greenhouse, an outdoor boiler will always have your back. Want all the domestic hot water you can use? You guessed it, an outdoor wood boiler can do that too, while simaltaneously saving you money on your utility bills.

Why heat with wood? Here are a few reasons:

1. It's good for the environment. Fire wood is a completely renewable resource and when burned properly it can leave a smaller carbon footprint overall than traditional fossil fuels.

2. It's good for your wallet. After the install, you can expect to see your heating bills drop dramatically and if you want to you can run it through the summer to save you that water heater bill.

3. It's a way of life. Someone famously wrote that firewood warms you twice, once while you cut it and once while you burn it. An outdoor wood boiler can create great opportunities to teach kids the value of hard work and make some good memories while you're at it.

4. You're energy independent. No relying on co-ops or power companies for heat. With an outdoor wood furnace you have all the heat you need stacked right outside your house and Minnesota's forests grow it faster than you could use it.

Pineview Woodstoves LLC in Almena, Wisconsin is your local outdoor wood boiler dealer. We service Northwestern Wisconsin and sections of Minnesota including the Minneapolis - St. Paul area and Duluth, MN. Please get in touch.

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