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outdoor wood boiler location distance

How far from your house should you put your outdoor wood boiler? Let's dig into it. There are basically four factors to consider when you decide where to place your outdoor wood boiler as follows:

  1. Cost. Insulated underground line can cost anywhere between $5/foot and $15/foot so you don't want to use more than is neccessary to get the job done. Another cost associated with your underground line is trenching. Most outdoor boiler dealers offer or recommend trenching services for the line but this cost could be eliminated if you dig it in with a shovel or get the neighbor boys to do it.

  2. Space. You'll need space for the outdoor boiler obviously but you probably want an area to stack your fire wood and somewhere to set your can of ash and maybe a hand torch. Take this into account when deciding how far you want your boiler from your home.

  3. Safety. With fire comes fire hazards. While outdoor wood boilers are far safer than indoor wood stoves, there is still a fire in that thing so you should consider that in deciding where to set it. Check with your insurance company to see whether they get a seat at the table on this.

  4. The mess. Cutting and splitting fire wood can make a mess. Often, where you set your outdoor wood stove determines where this mess will end up.

  5. Heating other buildings. Are you heating your pool or another building? Do you plan to add them to your system in the future? If so, you could save some money on underground line by factoring this into where you put your furnace.

Most people place their outdoor wood boiler between 50 and 200 feet from the building they're heating but, as you can see, there are a few factors that determine where you should put it. Putting an outdoor wood boiler in a shed is another option but it comes with some obvious risks. We recommend only putting wood boilers that are UL certified for indoor use inside your shed(see HeatMaster G-Series.) If you have any additional questions regarding installing your outdoor wood boiler please get in touch or visit our outdoor wood boiler installation page for more info.

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