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Build Your Own Outdoor Wood Furnace

Build outdoor wood boiler

Ever wished you could build an outdoor boiler that is perfect for your specific situation? Now you can. In 2019, HeatMaster SS introduced the furnace builder, a tool you can use to design your own outdoor wood boiler. The furnace builder allows you to customize the product, the size, and the features of your outdoor wood boiler so that you don't pay for anything you don't need, and so you get all the features you want for the most affordable possible cost. Build your own outdoor boiler here.

First, you'll choose your product series. The G-Series is a line of EPA Phase II certified outdoor wood stoves suitable for heating a residence or shop. It uses state of the art wood gasification technology to get you the most possible heat for every chunk of wood you feed it. Next, the C-Series is more of a classic outdoor boiler. It can burn almost anything you flamable can fit through the door and is certified for coal use or for use in commercial applications. Finally, the B-Series is a biomass outdoor furnace. It can be used to burn any kind of biomass including wood chips, pellets and small coal.

Next, you'll be presented with several furnace sizes to choose from and a calculator to determine which is the right size for you. Once you have determined which model you want, the tool presents you with several optional features that you can either add or remove from your furnace. When you're finished, you will be presented with a price quote and contact info for a local dealer who can deliver and install your custom outdoor boiler.

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