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Welcome to Pineview Woodstoves LLC


Pineview Woodstoves is a full service outdoor wood boiler dealer located in Almena, WI. We sell, service, and install HeatMaster outdoor wood boilers in northwestern Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.

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Pineview Woodstoves - Outdoor Wood Boilers - Wisconsin

      We are an authorized Heatmaster SS outdoor wood furnace dealer. Centrally located in Almena, Wisconsin, We serve most of northwest Wisconsin and parts of eastern Minnesota. We have been selling and installing outdoor wood boilers since 2007. An outdoor wood furnace provides a cost-effective alternative to heating with costly fossile fuels such as propane, natural gas, and fuel oil, without the mess  of an indoor stove. Burning wood inside the outdoor boiler heats water surrounding the fire box. This heated water is then transferred via insulated underground lines, to the building you wish to heat. Heatmaster manufactures three separate lines of boilers, giving us the right furnace for every application. The G-Series offers a clean-burning design that allows it to outperform all other designs in efficiency, cleanliness, and ease of use and maintenance. The C Series brings simplicity and versatility together to create a unique boiler which can burn any kind of wood, coal, or biomass, whether green or dry.  The Heatmaster SS C-Series was designed exclusively for burning coal, and is built for performance and efficiency.

3 Product Lines

The Heatmaster SS G-Series is the most efficient, easy to use gasifier on the market today. Burn up to 50% less wood! EPA Certified.

Save up to $2000 with the new 2023 tax credit.


The Heatmster SS C-Series is the perfect unit for all your commercial heating needs. Burn up to 30% less than traditional boilers.


The HeatMaster SS B-Series is an  multi-fuel biomass furnace that provides unlimited heat and water for large spaces and multiple applications.

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