Heatmaster SS C-Series Outdoor Wood Boler

Heatmaster SS C-Series Outdoor Coal Boilers

The Heatmaster SS C-Series outdoor coal furnace is designed exclusively for use burning coal. Featuring an oval shaped fire box, a removable ash pan, and Heatmaster's industry famous rocker grates, this coal furnace outperforms the competition in features and ease-of-use. It burns up to 30% less coal than traditional outdoor coal boilers.

Burn up to 30% less!

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Advantages of the Heatmaster SS C-Series

1. Rocker Grates and ash pan

     Easy ash removal

2. 4 pass heat exchange system

     Increased efficiency

3. Limited Lifetime Warranty

     Heatmaster SS stands behind every unit we sell with their industry famous warranty

4. Forced Air Blower

     Increased efficiency and more complete burn

5. Flood Light for firing at night

6. Easy Access Rear Door

7. Heavy Duty Double Wall Insulation

8. Powder Coat Finish

9. .409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel

     .409 Stainless resists corrosion and tolerates wear and tear better than other steels, making it the perfect choice for outdoor boilers.

How the Heatmaster SS C-Series works

*BTUs are approximate and may vary widely depending on fuel quality. 

HeatMaster SS C-Series Pricing and Statistics

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