Certified Boiler Treatment is designed to be exactly the right water treatment for non-pressurized outdoor wood boilers. It increases the life of your outdoor wood furnace boiler by making the water less corrosive. Designed to control conductivity, PH and Nitrites in your outdoor wood furnace water, it is a product of years of research and experience in the outdoor boiler industry. This product is recommended by HeatMaster for use in their products. 

Recommended operating levels are as follows: Conductivity: 100 - 4000 ppm pH: 8.5 – 10. 5 Nitrates: no less than 730 ppm Test Parameters and What They Mean Conductivity Conductivity is a measurement of minerals in your furnace water. While it is common to have minerals in water, in excess minerals can cause many problems in hydronic systems including scaling and corrosion. pH pH is measurement of alkalinity (hard or soft water). For outdoor furnace water and the water treatment used in outdoor furnaces it is better to have your water a little harder than softer (recommended pH range is 8.5-10) as the active ingredients in the water treatment neutralize harder water easier than softer water Nitrates Nitrates tested for are a measurement of how much water treatment is in the water. Nitrates measured are active units of water treatment available to neutralize harmful elements in your furnace water. Nitrates also act to neutralize harmful bacteria that may build up in the furnace water over time.

This product can also be used in many other brands of outdoor wood boilers including Crown Royal, Portage and Main, Empyre, Taylor, and Central Boiler. 

Start using the right boiler water treatment today!

Certified Boiler Treatment - Wood Furnace Water Treatment

  • HeatMaster recommends that you send in a yearly water sample to their lab for analysis. For HeatMaster customers, free water sample bottles and pre addressed labels are available. For more on water treatment testing see this page.

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