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Heatmaster G-Series

    Heatmaster SS G-Series outdoor wood boilers are the latest in outdoor wood boiler technolodgy. They use a system known as wood gasification in which the wood in the fire box is heated to temperatures in excess of 700°F, causing the wood to change into a gas in the form of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This wood gas is sucked into a secondary burn chamber, made of refractory, located below the fire-box, and burnt, creating temperatures higher than 2000°F. The exhaust is then drawn upward through 8 verticle heat exchange tubes, transferring the heat into the water in the surrounding water jacket. Each of these heat exchange tubes contain a spiral shaped component called a turbulator, which causes the exhaust to follow a spiral path up the tube, creating greater efficiency. It is then drawn through a draft inducer fan located in the back of the unit below the chimney and forced upward and out, with an average exhaust temperature of less than 250°F. This design allows the Heatmaster SS G-Series to be the most efficient, cleanest-burning and easiest-to-use gasification outdoor wood boiler on the market today. On an average, a gasification outdoor wood boiler will burn around 50% less wood than a traditional unit.

Burn up to 50% less wood!
How wood gasification works
Advantages of the Heatmaster SS G-Series

1. Efficient Design

    Most efficient outdoor boiler on the market, according to testing at a 3rd party laboratory.

2. Smoke Free Loading

    Stay clean while loading your furnace.

3. Clean Low-maintenance Design

    No brushing tubes or scraping creosote.

4. Approved for Indoor or Outdoor Use

5. Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Heatmaster SS stands behind every furnace they sell with their industry famous limited lifetime warranty.

6. Easy Access Hinged Rear Door

7. EPA Phase II Certified

8. Unique Heatmaster SS Fire-box Door Latch

9. Heavy Duty Multi Layer Installation

10. Powder Coat Finish

11. .409  Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel

    .409 Stainless resists corrosion and tolerates wear and tear better than any other steel for use in an outdoor wood boiler.

EPA Certified Boiler

The Heatmaster SS G-Series meets and exceeds EPA Phase II emission controll standards set in place in 2015

*BTUs are approximate and may vary widely depending on wood quality. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Heatmaster SS G-Series Statistics and Pricing

Read the G-Series Owners Manual
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