HeatMaster Outdoor Wood Furnace Parts

We sell all the parts needed to install or service HeatMaster outdoor wood boilers, including pumps, insulated underground line, fans, HeatMaster outdoor boiler treatment, and heat exchangers. Additionally we can order parts for most other brands. Please get in touch.

   We carry outdoor boiler antifreeze that is rated for temperatures down to -100°F. Formulated from non-toxic propylene glycol, it is safe for use in an outdoor wood boiler used for heating domestic hot water. It is available in 5 gallon buckets and costs $15/gallon....

At Pineview Woodstoves, we carry all the products you need to maintain your HeatMaster outdoor wood boiler. That includes HeatMaster recommended Certified Boiler Treatment. Following years of research, this outdoor wood furnace water treatment product has proven to res...

February 20, 2017

We sell all the parts you need for repairing your HeatMaster outdoor wood boiler, including controllers, solenoids, fans, and much more. 

Your one stop outdoor boiler parts shop.

Pineview Woodstoves LLC

February 20, 2017

   We sell three types of insulated underground line for outdoor boilers.

Three Wrap Underground Line

   This line is made of flexible drain tile style hose. Inside are two 1" Pex lines, a red and a blue. They are surrounded by three wraps of bubble wrap insula...

February 16, 2017

We sell all sizes of water to air and water to water heat exchangers for installing outdoor wood boilers. We ship outdoor wood boiler parts anywhere. Heat exchangers are used to connect your outdoor wood boiler to your existing heating systems including your forced air...

February 13, 2017

   At Pineview Woodstoves we carry three pump sizes, usually having a few of each on hand. We usually carry Grundfos brand. Additionally we can order almost any brand if you have a preference. Prices vary by size. Please contact us for additional details. We ship anywh...

January 25, 2017

We sell fire box door gasket kits for all HeatMaster outdoor wood furnaces. This includes the braided nylon gasket material and a tube of high temperature silicone for fastening it in place. This product can also work with many other brands of outdoor boilers. Order on...

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Pineview Woodstoves distributes MF-eSeries, Heatmaster G-Series, and C-Series Heatmaster outdoor wood boilers in Wisconsin and parts of Eastern Minnesota. Outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters can heat multiple buildings, hot tubs, pools, greenhouses and more. A Heatmaster outdoor wood burning furnace eliminates most of the issues connected with indoor wood burning and can be connected to almost any existing heating system with very little difficulty.

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