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Outdoor Boiler Prices - What Does An Outdoor Wood Furnace Cost?

Outdoor Wood Furnace Pricing Chart

Wondering what an outdoor boiler costs? Let's get into it but first a couple questions.

How much do you want to heat? A bigger outdoor stove will cost more so figure up the square feet of your house before we start talking prices.

Question Two: What are you heating? If you're heating a house you're probably looking at a G-Series boiler but for commercial or residential use, you can still use a C-Series furnace.


HeatMaster G-Series Outdoor Boilers

The G-Series is HeatMaster's flagship line of outdoor wood furnaces. They exceed the EPA's emissions testing requirements and have lots of features that make them easy to use.

HeatMaster C-Series Outdoor Boilers

The C-Series is a coal / wood burning outdoor furnace. This can be used to heat homes with coal or wood or for residential or commercial use.

HeatMaster B-Series Outdoor Boilers

The B-Series is an auto-feed chip/biomass boiler for commercial or residential use.

Installation Cost

Outdoor Boiler Installation Picure

Another factor in the cost of an outdoor wood boiler is the cost of the installation. While this can vary dramatically depending on the distance your boiler is from your house and how many appliances you are hooking the boiler to you can usually count on at least $1300 in installation costs.


HeatMaster currently works with a couple of companies to provide financing options at competitive interest rates. Subject to terms and conditions.


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