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Why Choose A Heatmaster Outdoor Boiler?

4 Reasons to Choose Heatmaster Outdoor Boilers

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With many brands of outdoor wood furnaces available on the market today, and each vying for your attention, it is not surprising we are often asked why we say you should choose Heatmaster. Here's what we say:

1. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Heatmaster SS outdoor wood furnaces are designed in such a way that there is no shoveling ash, scraping creosote, or brushing tubes involved. The bottom of the firebox is curved toward the middle to minimize bridging up, and ensure a more complete, more efficient burn. The unique Heatmaster SS door handle opens the door in one sweep of the arm, and the light on the front of the unit makes loading after dark a breeze. The easy-to-see water level indicator can be turned any direction, so with one glance out the window you can detect any potential issues.

2. Efficiency

Years of research, sweat, and designing, building on past advances, has brought Heatmaster to the top in terms of efficiency. According to EPA certified testing, the Heatmaster G-Series outranked all other outdoor wood furnace brands in efficiency.

3. Longevity

All Heatmaster SS outdoor wood furnaces are made of .409 titanium enhanced stainless steel which research has proved resists corrosion and tolerates expansion and contraction due to changing temperatures better than any other steel used in outdoor wood furnaces, meaning that a Heatmaster SS outdoor boiler will give you the most possible years of economical heat for your money.

4. Service

Heatmaster SS has a long track record of honoring their industry famous Limited Lifetime Warranty, and we are always here, to help you with any issues you may encounter.


Bottom Line: More Bang For Your Buck

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