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Outdoor Wood Furnace Incentive Programs

Outdoor Wood Stove Grants

There are numerous government grant programs, loan guarantees and incentives available to persons purchasing an outdoor wood boiler. In this post we'll try to outline a few of them and explain what they offer for our customers.

New in 2021, there is a massive government program available as a tax credit. Click the button below to learn more.

1. REAP - Rural Energy for America Program

This is a federal program based in the USDA focused on assisting businesses and farms transition to energy efficient or renewable energy sources. One of the energy categories that qualifies for this program is biomass energy, a category that includes outdoor wood boilers. This program offers grants up to 25% of the project's cost and a loan guarantee of up to $25million or up to 75% of the project's cost. Funding for this program is limited. For more information click here.

2. Wood Stove Changeout Programs

The American Lung Association occasionally runs incentives programs to assist wood stove owners in upgrading from an older wood stove to a newer and cleaner-burning one. They typically offer grants to upgrade to an EPA Phase II approved boiler. To check if they are running a program in your area, visit their website.

3. Energy Assistance

If you or a family member qualify for state or tribal Energy Assistance, they often give grants to upgrade existing heating systems to wood furnaces because wood is a cheaper source of heat. To learn more visit Wisconsin's Energy Assistance website.

4. State Renewable Energy Incentives

Many states offer numerous renewable energy incentives to switch to a r

enewable energy source. Often wood stoves and biomass fueled furnaces in general qualify for these programs. To browse through a comprehensive list of programs for your area, please visit this page and search for your zip code.

If you're searching for an outdoor wood boiler and having difficulty coming up with the money up front, HeatMaster SS works with finance companies in the US to offer financing for qualified buyers at as low as 3.5% interest. To apply for financing on an outdoor boiler click here.

To learn more about HeatMaster outdoor wood boilers, please feel free to browse our website or get in touch.

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