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Outdoor Wood Boiler Shed Ideas

Outdoor Wood Boiler Shed

Although a majority of outdoor wood furnaces are just exactly that: outside, some people like to build a small shed either for the boiler or for the wood. In addition, a shelter can afford some protection from the weather on those cold winter days. In this article we want to share with you some ideas we've found around the internet for both fire wood sheds, and general fire wood handling systems.

1. The Mobile Wood Rack System

One of the most interesting ideas I've seen. If you have ever tried stacking fire wood near an outdoor boiler you know that as you burn wood, the edge of the pile slowly recedes until you are carrying your fire wood quite a distance again. Also, if you want to split more wood and add to your pile, you add it to the far end and your pile slowly moves further away. Well, this system eliminates that issue.

2. Used Pallets

This is several ideas lumped together under one heading. Used shipping skids/pallets can come in handy. Here are just a few uses.

These nifty crates are low cost and fit right on your pallet forks for easy transport from the woods.

Fire Wood Pallet Crates

If you're feeling a bit more creative, pallets can make an amazing wood shed. All you need to add is the roof.

outdoor boiler wood shed

3. Just a Shelter

Sometimes simpler is better. This is a typical example with a bit of creativity mixed in.

wood boiler shed roof

outdoor wood stove shed

A great place to find pictures of outdoor boiler sheds is the outdoor boiler forums.

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