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All The Best Places to Find Free Fire Wood

Find free fire wood

Everybody likes free fire wood. Don't deny it... You like free fire wood. Here's the best list of ideas for free fire wood scrounging that you'll find anywhere, so here goes!

Fence Rows

If you live in the country, as most outdoor wood boiler owners do, you probably aren't far from farm land. Many farmers will allow you to take the wood for free if you'll trim back the tree rows separating their fields.

Down Trees

See that your neighbor has a tree down in his yard? Head on over and offer to clean up the mess. Not only can you get some free wood, but you could also build great relationship with your neighbors at the same time.

Junk Wood Piles

When professional loggers clear cut a woods, they often leave huge piles of treetops behind. These are too slender to be profitable for timber professionals but can make great fire wood. Talk to the property owner and chances are they would be happy to have you get some of it off their hands.

Wanted Ads

Don't live in a neighborhood where wood rots on the ground every day? Try putting a wanted ad on Craigslist. Classified ads in your local advertiser or newspaper are also a cheap way to go.

Slab Wood or Pallets

Most outdoor wood furnaces can burn slab wood, the left over slabs of wood from local saw mills. Another great option is to offer to dispose of wooden skids or pallets that often stack up at warehouses or stores. Think feed mills, bulk food stores and etc.

Additional Resources

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Last but not least, check out the advantages of a HeatMaster G-Series outdoor wood boiler which burns up to 50% less wood than traditional outdoor wood boilers.

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