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(SOLD) Used HeatMaster SS MF10,000e Outdoor Wood Furnace

We have a used MF10,000e HeatMaster outdoor wood boiler for sale at our Almena, Wisconsin location. While it is 13 years old, it was only used for a few winters. The unit is fully functional. Its rated at 10,000 square feet of heating potential, it can crank out a lot of heat. It is made from .409 titanium-enhanced stainless steel. It features a two pass heat exchange system to get the maximum ammount of heat out of exhaust before it exits the boiler. Its fire box is oval shaped, meaning that, as the fire burns down, remaining wood falls to the center of the fire for a more complete burn. Overall, this is a great unit for a great price. While a comparable new boiler would cost approximately $14650, we are asking only $6500.

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