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Outdoor Furnace Boiler Heat Exchangers - Water to Water and Water to Air

Outdoor Wood Stove Heat Exchangers

We sell all sizes of water to air and water to water heat exchangers for installing outdoor wood boilers. We ship outdoor wood boiler parts anywhere. Heat exchangers are used to connect your outdoor wood boiler to your existing heating systems including your forced air furnace and your water heater. Please contact us to figure out which outdoor wood boiler heat exchanger is for you.

Water to Water (Plate) Heat Exchangers for Outdoor Wood Boilers

When you connect your outdoor wood boiler to you water heater, your outdoor boiler water doesn't actually flow through your hot water heater and out via your tap. Boiler water often contains antifreeze or corrosion inhibitor. The boiler water passes through one side of the heat exchanger while your domestic hot water passes through the other side. The heat exchanger transfers the heat from your outdoor boiler water into your domestic hot water. This system can also be used for connecting your outdoor wood boiler to a radiant in-floor heating system.

Water to Air Heat Exchangers for Your Outdoor Wood Furnace

Water to air radiators are used to attach your outdoor wood furnace to your existing forced air heating system. They are usually inserted into the heating duct above your existing furnace.

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